Lisa Mulrooney

Product Design Leader

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My career has covered a diverse array of product design products including building complex B2B SASS applications, taking an established bank’s mobile app App Store rating from 2.5 stars to 4.9 stars, and helping secure $10 million Series A funding for a financial consumer mobile app (with lots in between!).

I have had a major role in building out a design practice in an engineering-first organization where I lead and managed a team of 13, and I continue to mentor and educate people who are new to the industry through Dribbble Education.

I thrive in ambiguous environments yearning for clarity whether that’s in leadership or as an individual contributor. My style is highly collaborative and iterative. Great ideas are born from diverse points of view coming together over a problem space.

I specialize in:

  • Design + Business Strategy
  • What’s good for customers is often also good for business. I love to draw parallels between different industries and apply concepts where they might not have been applied before.
  • Design Leadership
  • Curating and supporting a talented team is a design project in and of itself. The best results come from an encouraging culture where failure is part of the practice and successes are widely celebrated.
  • Product + Brand Design
  • Creating immersive experiences is a highly holistic and very detailed practice. It is an endlessly challenging and rewarding journey for any product and brand.

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See more visual work without the lengthy descriptions on my Dribbble page.

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